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Personalized Nutrition As Unique As You

Custom Made for Your Unique Body, Diet, Lifestyle, and Goals










Your Needs Are Unique

Every body is different. Every life is different. Everybody's nutrition needs are different.

Your Life, Your Formula

We do the work and create the unique formula that's right for your body and your life.

Out Of Trillions Of Possible Formulas,

We Create The One That's Right For You

How It Works

Step 1 

Formulated For You

Answer a few basic questions, then we create the personalized formula that's right for your body, lifestyle, goals, and diet

Step 2

Made For You

Pick from 25+ flavors, approve your formula, then we custom make your one-of-a-kind order

Step 3

Enjoyed By You

See how Trillion personalized nutrition can help you achieve your health and fitness goals

Works With Any Diet

Dairy Free - Soy Free - Gluten Free - Vegan - Paleo - Vegetarian - Keto - Whole 30 - Pescatarian - Egg Free - Pork Free - Seafood Free

Overheard On The Internet

"Iā€™d go for Trillion Nutrition because they actually custom make each order."

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"So good. It's good by itself, but I've mixed it with oat milk, regular milk, and cashew milk to eat it as a cereal; super good that way. I've ALSO mixed this up in a bowl with peanut butter and then used it to make my own granola bars. Delicious!"

-Brian P (Verified buyer.

Happiness Guarantee

Worry about the important things in life, not Trillion. Love it or we'll give you your money back.

Could be the easiest step towards achieving your health and fitness goals. And if it doesn't work, it's free.

Personalized Nutrition

Made for Your Unique Life

Personalized Nutrition As Unique As You

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