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Personalized Granola Cereal

Next time you reach for granola, it should be one made with your nutritional needs and tastes in mind. Choose any nut, fruit, topping, and flavor and we'll custom make it for you. Fortify it with functional boosts based on your health and wellness goals. Over 100 toppings, flavors, and boosts are available creating trillions of possible one of a kind granolas. The granola base is ultra clean- just rolled oats, coconut, and lightly sweetened with honey.

1 lbs is about 10 servings and 2 lbs is about 20 servings.

Take our quiz to see what's in your perfect granola.

Every order is custom made so prices and nutrition info vary. After completing the quiz, we'll show you nutrition and pricing info for your unique granola.

Customer Reviews

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Really enjoy that my morning breakfast has additional nutrients to help me gain things that I am lacking. Love all the options Trillion provides.

The Best!

I really was mostly interested in granola as functional food fortified with supplements. I got that, but it's also delicious. mine has probiotics, supergreens, and hemp, blueberries, pecans, and hemp seeds, and is vanilla flavored.

Personalized Nutrition, Custom Made Just For You