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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Trillion cost?

Every order is unique so the prices vary. The only way to know how much your custom made functional food will cost is to personalize it. CLICK HERE to get started. Most orders range from $.50 to $5.00 per serving so depending how fancy you are maybe more, or maybe less than your coffee.

How does Trillion taste?

Trillion tastes great! We're known for our broad selection of delicious flavors. We have over 50 flavors just for cereal, and over 25 for powdered drinks. If you're ever unsatisfied with your order, for taste or any other reason, just contact us and we'll replace the product or give you your money back. Your choice.

Where are the nutrition facts?

After you finish the quiz we'll show you the ingredients and nutrition facts for all of the products that we formulated for you. We can't show you before because every formula is different and every ingredient has a different cost.

Do I have to sign up for a monthly subscription?

Nope. Don't you hate when companies do that? We'll give you 20% off if you subscribe but you can still always buy without any subscription.

Is it really custom made?

Yes. Every order is custom made to order based on the customer's unique physiology, goals, lifestyle and flavor preferences. Nothing is pre mixed or made before it's ordered.

Can you really make a trillion different products?

Yes. It's actually a lot more than a trillion. Currently we can formulate 2.04 Quintillion different versions of our products. But if you edit your formula the variations are virtually infinite.

How are Trillion functional foods flavored and sweetened?

All Trillion flavors are non GMO, naturally flavored, and sweetened with natural stevia leaf extract.

Is it natural?

All Trillion functional foods are naturally flavored and sweetened. We carry over 150 ingredients and not all of them are available in a natural or organic form. Our non GMO and Organic ingredients are noted in the ingredient lists. Every ingredient is the highest quality we can find and is tested twice for safety and identity. 

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