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Personalized Granola Cereal

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  • One of a kind, formulated for your unique needs

  • We own the factory to ensure high quality

  • Over a trillion possible combinations

  • 30 day money back guarantee


Next time you reach for granola, it should be one made with your nutritional needs and tastes in mind. Choose any nut, fruit, topping, and flavor and we'll custom make it for you. Fortify it with functional boosts based on your health and wellness goals. Over 100 toppings, flavors, and boosts are available creating trillions of possible one-of-a-kind granolas. Our granola base is ultra clean- just rolled oats, coconut, and lightly sweetened with honey.

With over a trillion versions of our granola prices and nutrition info vary. After completing our quiz, we'll show you the nutrition and pricing info for your unique blend.

1 lbs is about 11 servings and 2 lbs is about 22 servings.

Take our quick quiz to see what's in your perfect blend.

How do we do it? We ask questions about your lifestyle, body, diet, health, and fitness goals. Then you select your favorite cereal ingredients. We use that data to create a one of a kind granola formula for you- granola + the right flavor, the right toppings, and right functional boosts.

No matter if you're looking for all natural bare bones functional nutrition, or delicious and fun healthy nutrition we'll custom make your granola so that you get exactly what you need to start your day off right.

We only use the highest quality ingredients and test every ingredient for purity and safety. 

Non-GMO and organic when possible

Free from artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors

We create your custom blend by selecting the ingredients that you need out of our 100+ ingredients. Then we fortify your granola using 15 functional boosts, from immune support to gut health. Lastly you select from 25 delicious flavors to suit your taste.

Before you order we'll show you your nutrition and pricing information. You can edit any part of your custom formula before ordering.

Every Order Is Custom Made Just For You

For the adventurers

For the athletes

For the "no time for lunch"ers

For anyone interested in health, weight management, or fitness

Ingredients Personalized to Fit Any Diet

Dairy-Free  Soy-Free  Gluten-Free  Vegan  Paleo  Vegetarian  Keto  Whole 30  Pescatarian  Egg-Free  Pork-Free  Seafood-Free

Personalized by Trillion

One Of A Kind

Formulated For You

After a short quiz we create a custom formula tailored to your unique physiology, lifestyle, goals, and diet.

& Unique & Custom Made

You pick the flavor, then we custom make your order using the 100+ ingredients that we carry.

& Labeled For You

Your name and your unique formula's nutritional facts are added to the label.

No Other Company Can Say That

Granola As Unique

As You

Personalized Nutrition, Custom Made Just For You