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Trillion Scientific Advisory Board

Danielle Emmons, RDN

"Personalized nutrition is so important because each person has a different genetic makeup, activity level, stress level, weight, fitness goal, etc... Nutrition should be tailored to the specific needs of each individual. At Trillion nothing is pre-made. Each product is custom made for your body's unique needs."

Emily Roberts, RD

Emily has been passionate about nutrition since high school when she was a state champion athlete. 

About Us

We’re four friends who got into nutrition long before nutrition was #trending. All we do is unique products for unique people. And since we’re athletes and health nuts, making healthy and efficacious products is a lifelong obsession. 

We buy ingredients direct from dozens of the highest quality sources around the world so we can ensure that we get the best. Our products are custom made in our own FDA and cGMP compliant facility in California, then shipped straight to you.

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