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First We Listen

Then We Custom Make What You Need

First We Listen

Then We Custom Make What You Need

Step 1 


Tell us about your body, lifestyle, goals, and diet

Step 2


Our virtual nutrition expert creates unique formulas, then you pick from 25+ flavors

Step 3

Custom Manufacture

Your one-of-a-kind order is made in our FDA compliant facility, and your name and personalized nutrition facts are printed on the label

Trillion Science

Our virtual nutrition expert uses data about your body, goals, diet, and lifestyle to personalize the calories, macro split (protein/carbs/fat), ingredients, and vitamin and supplement fortification in your Trillion products.

All formulation decisions are based on evidence based nutritional science principles.

Currently we can make over 2.04 Quadrillion different formulas so your formula is very highly personalized.

Danielle Emmons, RDN

"Each person has a different genetic makeup, activity level, stress level, weight, fitness goal, etc... Nutrition should be tailored to the specific needs of each individual."

Dr. Paul Hodgson

"Nutrition has the ability to help you live the life we were meant for, or to rob you of your health. Trillion is nutrition targeted to the individual, giving you a huge advantage in your performance goals"

About Us

Jeff Giasson Co-Founder

We’re four friends who got into nutrition long before nutrition was #trending. All we do is unique products for unique people. And since we’re athletes and health nuts, making healthy functional foods and supplements is a lifelong obsession. 

Dan Obegi Co-Founder

We buy ingredients direct from dozens of the highest quality sources around the world so we can ensure that we get the best. Our products are custom made in our own FDA and cGMP compliant facility in California, then shipped straight to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up for a monthly subscription?

Nope. Don't you hate when companies do that? We'll give you a 20% discount if you subscribe but you can still always buy without any subscription.

How much does Trillion cost?

Every order is unique so the price varies. The only way to know how much your custom product will cost is to START QUIZ. Most orders range from $.50 to $5.00 per serving so depending how fancy you are maybe more, or maybe less than your coffee.

Where are the nutrition facts?

After you finish the quiz we'll show you the recipes and nutrition facts for all of the products that we formulated for you. Since nothing is pre made there are no nutrition facts until your custom products have been formulated

How does Trillion taste?

Trillion products taste great. We only use the highest quality raw ingredients and flavors, and great ingredients lead to great finished products. If you don't love yours though we'll remake your formula or give you your money back. 

Is it really custom made?

Yes. Every order is custom made to order based on the customer's unique physiology, goals, and flavor preferences. Nothing is pre mixed or made before it's ordered.

Can you really make a trillion different products?

Yes. In fact it's a lot more than a trillion. Currently we can create 2.04 Quintillion different formulas. But if you edit your formula the variations are virtually infinite.

How are Trillion functional foods flavored and sweetened?

All Trillion functional foods are naturally non GMO flavored and sweetened with natural stevia leaf extract.

Nutrition As Unique As You

Personalized Nutrition, Custom Made Just For You