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Personalized Nutrition

Formulated For Your Unique Needs

Better Nutrition For A Better Life

"I started doing research to find out how companies  do “specific for you” protein powders, and came across Trillion. I like that you actually make it specifically for me, instead of having a pre-packaged protein like gainful that says it’s “specially made” for me, but truly isn’t."

Benjamin V.

Real Customer

Personalized By Trillion:

Custom Made Just For You

Formulated Just For You

After a short quiz we use evidence based nutritional science principles to create a custom formula tailored to your unique physiology, lifestyle, goals, and diet.

& Unique & Custom Made

You pick from 25 flavors, then we custom make your order using the 100+ high quality ingredients that we carry.

& Labeled For You

Your name and your unique formula's nutritional facts are added to the label.

No Other Company Can Say That

"Personalized" By Them:

Pre Made

They Select Pre Made Items For You

A quiz followed by a recommendation for a pre made product.

& Label Them For You

Your name is added to the pre made product label.

"Personalized" Protein Comparison*

Trillion In The Wild

Nutrition As Unique

As You

*Statements based on publicly available brand website information, statements from previous and current employees, and other primary and secondary research. Care/of boosts are separately packaged and require mixing. Gainful flavors are separately packaged and require mixing. We'll happily update any stat if contacted by the brand to let us know if they're no longer accurate. 

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